Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Contribution of Organizational Culture to Change management Essay

Contribution of Organizational Culture to Change worry - Essay ExampleWhen considering the influence of culture in the change management accomplish, certain factors often put out that include the management or leadership style preferred by the workers. In addition, the workers may request for an active participation in the change management process since such changes impact on their lives two at the office and at home. When effecting change in an organisation, the culture embraced by the management and employees is important in ensuring that the new plans introduced in an organisation achieve their goals.Among the organisational culture that is often adopted during the change management process is empathy. Empathy as a process associated with the management of organisational change creates a strategic environment for improved communication. In addition, empathy improves understanding that exists between the change agent and the personnel working for the organization. The change agent further subscribe to understand their employees concerns by establishing an empathetic relationship with them. This is important especially during periods of effecting changes in the organisation.Developing empathetic relationships with workers take to heart managers to anticipate any discontent among their employees. In addition, it is the managers role to support their employees and makes them looking at valued in times of making changes in an organisation. Empathy further allows the change agent to understand the employees needs and this helps the managers to plan for the change process.

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